The Scottish Highland Pony Society of North America(SHPSNA) mission: To promote the unique and versatile Highland pony, and act as a resource for Highland pony breeders, owners, and enthusiasts throughout North America.

SHPSNA offers registration services, documentation of bloodlines, and census taking for the Highland pony breed in North America. Separate stud books are maintained for purebred Highland ponies and partbred Highlands. SHPSNA offers DNA testing under contract with the U.C. Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory for identification and parentage verification purposes. SHPSNA encourages members to support the breed internationally by joining the U.K. Highland Pony Society.

Your membership and participation help establish this unique rare breed in North America. Membership fee is $30 per year or $250 for life membership. All new members receive a Highland Pony T-shirt. Life members receive 5 T-shirts. To become a SHPSNA member please click here for membership application form. Membership fees may be paid online using paypal or by check/money order.

Annual memberships begin January 1 and end December 31 even if paid mid-year. Members receive discounts on SHPSNA services and t-shirts, free advertising on SHPSNA's website (see classified ads or breeder listings) and are eligible to enter their ponies in SHPSNA award programs (see awards page). January 2008--we now have an online Highland Pony discussion group for members here

Thank you for supporting this unique and versatile rare breed in North America!

SHPSNA 2006 Fee Schedule

Fee for SHPSNA members Fee for non-members
SHPNSA registration of pure or partbred 
Highlands already registered with the 
Highland Pony Society, UK.
 *DNA testing is required for purebred
stallions or mares.
Click here for registration application form.
free $25
SHPSNA registration of purebred 
Highlands not registered in UK.
 *DNA testing is required for purebred 
stallions or mares.
Click here for registration application form.
$10 $25
DNA testing for identification or
parentage verification. DNA testing is 
required in order to register purebred 
stallions or mares with SHPSNA, and 
encouraged for geldings and partbreds.
Click here to order a DNA kit.
$35 $50
DNA testing for coat color genetics is
available. Contact SHPSNA secretary
for more information.
Contact SHPSNA Contact SHPSNA
SHPSNA registration of partbred 
Highlands not registered in UK.
Click here for registration application form.
$5 $25
Transfer of ownership
To transfer ownership of a pony please 
use the transfer form on the back of the 
SHPSNA registration certificate.
$5 $10
Breeder’s prefix
Once a breeder's prefix has been approved
by SHPSNA no other breeder may use it 
as part of a pony's registered name without 
written permission from the prefix owner. 
A breeder may register more than one 
Breeder's prefix application form.
free for prefixes already
registered with the UK 
Highland Pony Society.

$25 for each new prefix 

not available

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