Please enclose the following with this registration application:
* A copy (do not send original) of registration papers if this animal is already registered with the Highland Pony Society UK, Australian Highland Pony Society etc. If the animal is not already registered with another society, enclose copies of the sire and damís registration papers. For partbreds, enclose a copy of the Highland parentís registration papers. A copy of the non-Highland parentís papers may also be submitted if you wish that information to be included on the pedigree.
* 4 photos of the animal (front, back, both sides). Photos should show color and conformation as accurately as possible. Photos become the property of the Scottish Highland Pony Society of North America.
* A check or money order made out to Wendy Rowe for any applicable fees (see membership and services ). Or you may use paypal to pay online. For purebred mares and stallions please include the DNA test fee. A DNA kit will be mailed to you.
Mail to:
c/o Wendy Rowe, secretary
P.O. Box 425
Boonville CA 95415
Registration Application
Is this animal registered with the UK Highland Pony Society?
If yes, registration number:
If no, is the animal eligible for UK registration?
Indicate the appropriate category for this animal:
__ purebred Highland
__ partbred Highland (documented Highland ancestry, any percentage)
name of animal:
date of birth:
breederís prefix, if any (prefix must be registered):
gender:  __ mare           __ stallion           __ gelding (date gelded:                              )
state exact height in Hands, if over 3 years of age:
describe color, markings, whorls:
any white markings?
showing signs of going grey? (i.e. white hair interspersed with colored hair)
if already grey, what was the color at birth?
other identification (microchip, tattoo, DNA or blood type):
height and color of dam, if known:
height and color of sire, if known:
breederís name (owner of dam when foal was born):
breeder's address:
breeder's telephone:
breeder's email:
current owner's name:
current owner's address:
current owner's telephone:
current owner's email:


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