About Scottish Highland Ponies

The Highland pony is an ancient and versatile breed native to the highlands and islands of Scotland. These hardy ponies adapted over many centuries to survive in a harsh environment, living wild on the windswept moors and mountains. Highland ponies have played many roles throughout Scottish history, from carrying warriors into battle to serving as an all-purpose draft animal on the small Highland farms, or crofts.

In the present day, Highland ponies excel in a variety of disciplines, such as dressage, jumping, and driving. While their athletic ability makes them a natural choice for competition, Highlands are also renowned for their calm, level-headed nature. The quiet disposition combined with strength and sure-footedness makes the Highland an ideal family pony, suitable for riders of all ages and sizes. The Highland's substance, bone, and temperament also mean they cross well with other breeds, both horse and pony sized. In Britain, Highlands and Thoroughbreds are a popular cross, producing warmblood type performance horses for eventing, show jumping, and dressage.

Highland ponies generally stand between 13 and 14.2 Hands, occasionally taller or shorter. They have plenty of bone and substance along with the classic beauty of a native pony. Movement is straight and powerful, without high knee action. The mane and tail are long and thick, and some feather is present on the lower legs. Grey and various shades of dun are the most common coat colors, although black, bay, and chestnut are also found in the breed. White markings are not considered desirable in purebreds, although a white star is allowed.

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