DNA testing is an affordable and 100% reliable method of identification and parentage verification. The DNA of every equine is unique with certain markers matching those of the parents. DNA testing of breeding stock helps insure the purity of the breed by verifying parentage. SHPSNA requires DNA testing for all purebred stallions and mares before registration certificates are issued. DNA testing is strongly suggested for geldings and partbreds as well. In the event that a pony is stolen, its parentage questioned, or papers lost, a DNA test on file with the registry can help identify an animal.
Cost is $35 per test for SHPSNA members or $50 for non-members. All that is required to perform a DNA test are a few mane hairs carefully pulled and sent to the laboratory. All SHPSNA DNA tests are performed by the respected U.C. Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

To order a DNA kit (contains complete instructions on pulling and mailing the mane hair sample) please print out and complete the form below. Include a copy (not the original) of the registration certificate with the order form. If the pony is registered with SHPSNA and in the the UK, please include copies of both certificates. You may use paypal to pay online or enclose a check or money order made out to Wendy Rowe, and mail to:
c/o Wendy Rowe, secretary
P.O. Box 425
Boonville CA 95415
DNA Kit Order Form

name of pony:
SHPSNA registration number:
UK registration number:
owner's name:
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