SHPSNA awards program:
2007 Highland Pony Ambassador Award
Entry form

Please fill out a separate entry form for each pony you wish to enter. Ponies must be located in North America and owned by a SHPSNA member. Ponies must be registered with SHPSNA and/or one of the overseas Highland pony organizations.
name of pony:
which organization is this pony registered with?
registration number(s):
age:                                 gender:                                           color:
owner's name:
How many public events did this pony attend in 2007?

For each event attended, please attach a description of the event in your own words. Include the date and location of the event and an estimate of the number of people attending. A paragraph is adequate, but more detail is great. You may also include copies of printed material from the event, such as information given to the public, show entry forms, etc. In the case of a show where your pony was in the ribbons, please include a statement of your placings signed by a show official. Include at least 2 photos of your pony at each event. On the back of each photo write the event date, your name, and name of pony. Photos and information you submit become the property of SHPSNA, so make sure to keep copies for yourself. Mail the entry form with the documentation by December 31, 2007 to:

c/o Wendy Rowe, secretary
P.O. Box 425
Boonville CA 95415

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